Hello human,

You’ve stumbled on FlatBubbly, a collection of essays written by yours truly and her alter egos. Series 1 was mostly written from May to September 2017, when my best friend/boyfriend/partner/*soon to be husband* was out to sea, literally. Hence, they are slightly mopey until about the end of July, which coincides with my love’s arrival in the marina of Thunder Bay, my hometown. I perked up and basked in the nostalgia (and sauna fumes) of visiting home. Nothing beats my mom’s cooking. Three of the pieces were published in the Globe & Mail (in 2015, 2016, and 2017). The piece on Dating in Calgary was the most shared Globe & Mail Facts and Arguments essay of 2016/2017! Thanks readers!

Now, I’m getting back into the swing of things with Series 2.

Thanks for visiting. Leaf through the Table of Contents  or casually Browse.  Contact me at flatbubbly@gmail.com if you want to offer me a book deal, commission my ‘work’, or hear more.


Tina Petrick

Contact: flatbubbly@gmail.com

Instagram: @tinapetrick

Homepage header photo credit: Laura Lynn Petrick

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      1. Ah, you’re in Vancouver; I have a close relative living there who I visit. I’m over in Somerset, England, myself, so also quite used to rainfall. 😉 The forest fires in the interior around Kamloops are quite appalling currently, aren’t they? Pleased to meet you, Tina, and I’m not normally so bossy, rest assured. 🙂


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