Hello human,

You’ve stumbled on FlatBubbly, a collection of essays written by yours truly and her alter egos. Series 1 was mostly written from May to September 2017, when my best friend/boyfriend/partner/*soon to be husband* was out to sea, literally. Hence, they are slightly mopey until about the end of July, which coincides with my love’s arrival in the marina of Thunder Bay, my hometown. I perked up and basked in the nostalgia (and sauna fumes) of visiting home. Nothing beats my mom’s cooking. Three of the pieces were published in the Globe & Mail (in 2015, 2016, and 2017). The piece on Dating in Calgary was the most shared Globe & Mail Facts and Arguments essay of 2016/2017! Thanks readers!

Now, I’m getting back into the swing of things by giving myself permission to suck.

Thanks for visiting. Leaf through the Table of Contents  or casually Browse.  Contact me at flatbubbly@gmail.com if you want to offer me a book deal (please!), commission my ‘work’, or, I don’t know, pitch me your start-up.

Tina Petrick

Contact: flatbubbly@gmail.com

Instagram: @tinapetrick

Homepage header photo credit: Laura Lynn Petrick

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      1. Ah, you’re in Vancouver; I have a close relative living there who I visit. I’m over in Somerset, England, myself, so also quite used to rainfall. 😉 The forest fires in the interior around Kamloops are quite appalling currently, aren’t they? Pleased to meet you, Tina, and I’m not normally so bossy, rest assured. 🙂


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