Half-way thru looping Lake Michigan

Boat Journey

Since July 2nd, we’ve been underway! Here’s a quick update on our progress so far. Hopefully I remember all our stops!

July 2nd: We anchored at Harbor Island close to Drummond Island, Michigan. It’s like a pirate’s lagoon, the anchorage surrounded 3/4th’s by island with a narrow entrance. The island is rugged with no hiking trails, so bring your bushwhacking gear.

July 3rd: We cruised to Beaver Island, an adorable island in Northern Lake Michigan that makes you say, “We should open a bed and breakfast here.” July 4th marked the beginning of fireworks season, which is romantic unless you’re a protective dog mom.

July 5th: After a few nights at anchor, we checked into a marina in a village called Northport. A concert of Blues Brothers songs played in the nearby park as we docked. On a run in the morning, I encountered a shed painted with the message, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any path can take you there,” attributable to Lewis Carroll, which not only summed up my run but my life course thus far. On my way back to the boat, I came across a used book sale at the library. The town also had a gym and an independent bookstore within walking distance of the marina. Thumbs up.

July 7th: Anchored at Frankfort near where a fair was packing up, thank goodness, not that I don’t love the Tilt-a-Whirl but all the lights and noise would have set our dog, Cadence, loopy. Across the bay from Frankfort is a town called Elberta, like Alberta but with an E. We paid the local ice cream tax, and took off the next morning.

July 8th: Anchored at Pentwater, Michigan, in a bay of cottages. It reminded me of One Island Lake back home. We didn’t take off the next day until 4 p.m., so I spent the day swimming in bath-warm water (79 degrees F!) and paddleboarding.

July 9th: We overnighted to Chicago! I took the 10 p.m. to 3:30 a.m. shift, and didn’t see any U.F.O.s.

July 10th: Chicago! Oh, Chicago! We tied up to a mooring buoy in a field full of mooring buoys. There’s no place to park your tender, so we had to rely on the harbor staff to come pick us up in a dinghy whenever we wanted to leave the boat which was actually pretty cool. All the marinas were booked because of the Mackinaw Race, the oldest freshwater sailing race in the world (or something like that). Kory & I ate deep dish pizza at Taste Chicago; classed it up by going to a museum; took Cadence to Navy Pier; and we went to a show at Second City. It was VERY HOT! Too hot for my thick blood.

July 14th: We started our journey up eastern Lake Michigan. We are presently in… I can’t remember… Racine, WI!

All updated up! 🙂

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